Worship the King

Wise people worship – Matthew 4:1-6
The Wise Men recognized something unique about a star and traveled 800 miles or more to worship Jesus. How did they learn more than just the science of the sky? The men were most likely familiar with the words of Daniel the prophet and they searched scripture. Daniel 9:24-27, Numbers 24:17 and Micah 5:2
Worshipping God involves knowing how he has revealed himself in His word.

Worship the Son of God – Matthew 14:28-33
The disciples experienced being with Jesus and had to make the choice if he was the “Real Deal”. The disciples were people who at times wavered in their belief, struggled with their beliefs and even rejected Christ at times. “Little faith” is a term used by Jesus to point out that people were being led in life more by doubt than faith. They had to come to terms with what they experienced and fully accepted Jesus.
Doubt can be a challenge to worship but God is ready to reveal himself to those who seek Him.

Worship that is false – Matthew 15:1-9
The religious leaders were bothered that the disciples of Jesus did not observe religious traditions. Some traditions were not bad but had become elevated to something that a believer must do. The same traditions that had developed to inspire obedience became legal loopholes to avoid other commandments of God. The religious leaders adjusted God’s word rather than adjusting their viewpoint.
True worship involves the inner and outer actions and seeks to follow all the directions of God.

Worship made openly – Matthew 28:1-10
At the end of Matthew’s gospel, Jesus accomplished his mission to bring life through the cross. The resurrected Christ met his disciples and they respond in worship just as the Magi had done and as they had done in the boat. This time they were given a purpose and command, “to tell” the news. They were not to hide their faith, nor keep it a personal viewpoint.
Worship is not simply a private matter but a visible part of your new life in Christ.

How far does your worship go?
Are you like the Magi still investigating?
Do you recognize Jesus as the Son of God or something else?
Do you need to correct your view of worship because you are living hypocritically?
Is your worship obvious, especially to God?