Unforgiving: Submitting Our Minds to God (Audio Only)

Matthew 6:9-14
Jesus lays out for his disciples the importance of forgiveness in their life. It is not an option. It is one that may be the most challenging of all commands but it is how God has chosen to open the door for us personally and it is how we are to live as people reflecting who He is.

Matthew 18:23-35
The Debt of our sin and the need for forgiveness from God will always outweigh what others may owe to us in their indebtedness.

Matthew 5:43-48
We are not to only offer forgiveness to those who are of our kind, our family, our community. The command to love and pray is connected to the same kind of forgiving lifestyle that is to be the character of God’s people.

Disagreements and Desertions
Paul and Barnabas are the examples of what happens in Christian community both in terms of reality and the hope of grace and forgiveness. We should Major in the majors and Minor in the minors.

Forgiveness is hopefulness

If grace is the oil that keeps the church from getting stuck, forgiveness is the fuel that keeps the engine running.