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Hosea 11:

Hosea 11

The Message of Hosea
The words of Hosea share the following characteristics: They are messages of warning, love, and hope. These messages are repeated throughout all Scripture. They form the foundation of the gospel. These messages reflect the real world and are a “real” world solution.

God loves like a Good Father
God’s relationship toward Israel is comparable to a good father who shows love, commitment, and availability to his people. Unlike the gods of the times, God is fully vested in his creation.

God Calls and Calls
The love of God is never simply emotional, it is love displayed an action and words. Deuteronomy 7:6 – 8. The calling of God is a very powerful concept that implies the following things.
• God calls us out of something.
• God calls us to something new.
• God calls us unto himself.

These three concepts are very important part of what it means to follow Christ. For the average American churchgoer, only the first call is a reality in their life.

God Cares like a Shepherd
God’s relationship is compared to a wise, loving, and nurturing shepherd. These ideas help form the basis for loving discipline. Love without guidance and discipline is comparable to negligence. God will not neglect to love nor discipline.

Idolatry then and now
Idolatry is to place anything, anyone or any idea in the place that only belongs to God. Israel was tempted as we are today to misunderstand the true source of life, blessing, hope, and future. Today, our biggest idols are not formed from supernatural myths or stories. They come in the form of pragmatics.\
To be pragmatic is to observe the world and arrive at some conclusion of what should be done based on ease and return on investment.
• Pleasure
• Prosperity
• Popularity
Are these goals forming your idea of life and your walk with Christ?

A Bent People
Hosea describes the people being “hung up” on detaching themselves from their idolatry. However, God is not going to forget his loving promises, he continues to call toward repentance. His discipline is a sign that He has not given up. Proverbs 3:11-12

He will roar like a Lion
Lions use their roar to remind other lions that they are in control over an area and to reconnect with lions who might have traveled far. God’s may cause fear for us but it should remind us that He is wanting us to come home.