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Hosea 12 – Feeding on the Wind

Hosea 12

Feeding on the wind
Israel is described as having a constant desire to pursue things that only appear to be better. Chasing and eating the wind is to realize that something is needed in life to truly bring life but to reject that God is the true source. The result would be seen in the malnourished society and culture. It was characterized by lies and violence. A right relationship with God will be reflected in a right relationship with others.

Treaties and Tribute
Israel would try to make things work by relying on other sources besides God. The alliances and friendships they made would not fully help them. The dependence on things other than God would take away life rather than give more back.

The example of Jacob
Jacobs life is an example of one who lived according to his own natural ways. But then through difficulty and even discipline, he would come to God in full commitment and repentance.
Jacob’s first understanding of God was impersonal and distant. Genesis 27 but later at Bethel, Jacob would come to know God as his God. Knowing and remembering the name of God reflects what it is to have an exclusive and personal relationship with God.

The message of the prophets is to return to God. This type of return is not just a change of thinking. It includes a change of heart and action. It is also characterized by waiting for God. Waiting for God describes a new dependence on God for life’s direction, provision, and satisfaction. The boasting of sinful Israel needed to be turned into repentance and a recognition of God as the one who saves.

The ministry of the prophet
The prophet of God is an expression of God caring for his people. The prophet was to instruct and guide people back to God. The prophet was to not only be respected but obeyed because the prophets spoke God’s truth. The ministry of Jesus Christ is described as fulfilling the prophetic role. If we are to fully understand what God is doing today, we need to move from simple ideas about God to following Jesus Christ.