Hosea 9: Strong Love and Warning

Hosea 9

Rejoice Not vs. 1-3

Rejoicing in ancient Israel was to be a response to God’s present and future provision, presence, and protection. These spiritual and religious celebrations were to end because Israel was unfaithful to God as Gomer was to Hosea. Moments that were supposed to be for a celebration were a total loss. In the place of abundance and worship, there would be emptiness.

The Future is Dark vs. 7

The result of rejecting the covenant relationship with God would be a loss of the covenant blessings. Unfortunately, even the spiritual leadership was to blame, the clear and correct preaching of God’s way was corrupted. Respect and diligence to preach God’s Word accurately is a vital part of the Christian community. God’s word must be taken to heart.

Just Like the Early Days vs. 10

The early days of Israel were defined by commitment at first, but would eventually be characterized by rebellion. The pattern of rejection of older generations continued in the present generation. And the future generation would experience the result of the rejection. This present generation has an important part to play in communicating God’s word and leaving and example to follow.



  • Language – The Hebrew language carries the idea of despising and standing against someone, i.e. to be made an enemy. The New Testament restates this idea. James 4:4, Romans 5:10
  • Context – Chapter: Warning to a people. Book: Hosea – loving an unfaithful spouse. Bible: God loved the world so much that he sent his Son to save sinners.
  • Committed Relationship – From human relationships, we understand “love and hate”. Betrayal often hurts us most.


Children Affected by Parents

Children are often seen as the most valuable asset of a society. The words here are not to be seen as something in which God delights, but a warning to Israel. They have the direct opportunity and responsibility to protect their children from a destructive future.


The Cure is Repentance

Even though we are affected by the choices of our parents, we are not to be controlled by those choices and sins. Christians have been made a new creation. We are no longer under a curse in Christ. The cure for sin is and has always been repentance.


Parenting a Godly Generation

Parenting is more like gardening than making a painting. It involves times, seasons, and effort of planting, maintenance, and harvest. Constant care and input are required. What we plant today in our children for the kingdom will have an effect on their future.


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