Hosea 8: Different Spirituality

Hosea 8

Sound the Alarm
The prophet begins with an alarm call because what he sees is a very dangerous position. Hosea reminds the people that it is not by accident or some strange coincidence, it is because of their rebellious hearts. There is spiritual and religious activity, but it is the kind that is not devoted nor is it holy and right before God.

Insincere Cries
The cries from Israel come to God when things are not going their way. Israel’s solution at the time was to not seek God but seek the solution outside of God. Survival was one of the main reasons Israel turned to idolatry. Israel not only began to adopt the practice of idolatry but a devoted production of idols.

Throwback to Egypt
Israel attempted to use idols after coming out of Egypt. They were waiting on God but became impatient. They turned to idol worship to gain a sense of control over the situation. God would not allow himself to be worshiped in the form of an idol. God’s relationship to Israel would always be personal and on His terms.

Sowing and Reaping
Scripture consistently reminds that we will reap what we sow. Israel would become debtors and become poor because the nations that would help them would also enslave them.

Corrupt Worship
Verse 11 reminds us that worship was no longer true worship and God’s word would become foreign to the people of Israel. God would allow Israel to read the consequences of rebellion.

Influences of Different Spiritualities
The topic of idol worship and foreign dependence is still relevant today. Sometimes it is seen in the desire to incorporate all religions into one common faith. A harmonizing of religions is not commanded by God. He calls his people to be completely committed to following Him.

The Issue of Culture and Spirituality
It is incorrect to assume that all natural things are naturally good

  • All creation is stained by sin and even the best parts of a culture bear the stain of sin.
  • The community of believers is the new culture to which we owe our identity.
  • Not all aspects of a culture are sinful and carry a new refined purpose in Christ. Traditions of a culture need to be submitted to the new relationship with God.
  • Our call is to be uniquely salty and uniquely reflecting the light of Christ.
  • Our call is to live alongside others with respect, compassion, and with the desire to see them know the Savior.

Asking for Water and Offering Living Water
Our message is to call others to the grace of the cross and find a new life in him.

Erosion begins with a drop of water, so be alert to the spiritual truth boundaries you embrace. 1 Peter 2:9