A Marriage Proposal – Ruth 3:1-13

Ruth 3:1-13

Naomi’s Advice
Naomi appears excited and involved to be the matchmaker for her daughter in law. She hopes that Ruth will be able to find a husband, have a family and be taken care of, so that it may be “well with her”. Proverbs 18:22

The Plan
Ruth is instructed to prepare herself for a future mate. The advice given to Ruth may have been unfamiliar. Her obedience to Naomi shows again her confidence in going where Naomi goes and the people becoming her people. Ruth operates in obedient faith.

The Action and Declaration
The actions she does are a clear proposal of marriage. But she does so in a way that is in godliness and respect to sexual limits. The response of Ruth indicates that she is to him an honorable mate in terms of covenant faith. Ruth has left behind her life to take up the new life. This is symbolic of the idea that is shared in the New Testament concerning following Christ.

Boaz the Redeemer
Boaz has been a generous man toward the two women and has promised to provide for their food during the harvest season. Earlier, Naomi recognizes Boaz as being not just a relative but “a redeemer”. The term by itself emphasizes the saving of someone or something. It is used to describe what God has done for Israel. Psalm 78 The notion of the husband is one of not only provision, but of protection and of giving honor. Ezekiel 16:8.

Boaz and his obedient faith
He does not take advantage of this woman. He treats her with great respect. He goes through the godly procedure – not impulsive as some uncontrolled person but exercises great restraint. His act of keeping himself pure before marriage is a good indicator of his intent to remain pure in marriage.
The Loving Kindness of Ruth
Boaz remarks about her kindness because she chose him, an older man by the description given. Ruth looked beyond the outward and saw what really matters, character. Not that beauty is not to be admired, but it always comes in second when compared to character. And that she chose to go along with the plan that was directed by the God of Israel.

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