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January 2017


Hosea 7: Pictures of Israel

Hosea 7

The Deeds of Israel
God points out the evil deeds of his people. These actions were happening physically and spiritually. Israel was collapsing in on itself. And the people were fooling themselves to think that God would not see and judge them. We see a resemblance of that today in our world but do we recognize it as sin or just the way things are and have to be to survive? Can we see clearly?

Pictures of Israel
A Heated Oven – The picture is a baker who has taken much effort to build a large fire. The same kind of effort has been used to pursue all things other than God. They became “good” at being sinful.

A Hot Oven – The picture is of a heart that is fully intent on destruction. The leadership was marked by assassination – 4 kings in 12 years, only one died naturally. Power was something to be grabbed not given.

A Cake Not Turned – The picture is a product that has been made carelessly and without attention to the correct recipe. They do not recognize how they have developed into something that is leading to their own destruction.

A Senseless Dove – The picture is of a disoriented bird that seeks shelter in the most unhelpful sources. A call to Egypt, the ancient picture of slavery, was never God’s plan.

The Cure – A Cry from the Heart
God compares the difference between crying noises and crying out to God from the heart. The response of Israel was to call upon other influences and spiritual sources other than the God who had been with them.

The Core Issue of Will
God’s desire vs human desire is often in conflict until the human heart is surrendered to God. The Cross is the cure for the stubborn heart. Romans 7:21-24

The Importance of Returning
The prophetic voice is seen in scripture to consistently call people to return to a committed and right relationship with God. We have been given the call to do the same, but it must begin with us. Psalm 51
A Political Solution to a Spiritual Problem – Deuteronomy 28
Be careful to realize that there are false claims and solutions that will never bring restoration. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only solution that goes to the heart. If that is true, what are we doing to proclaim and live that message?