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December 2016


Hosea 3: The Scandal


Hosea 3

The Scandal

Gomer’s unfaithfulness was the story that grasped the attention of people. It was clear who was right and who was wrong. But could they make the connection that their life resembled Gomer’s action? God chose to speak through the life and actions of Hosea.

Go show your love

God commanded Hosea to do something unthinkable. He was to show love to someone who didn’t inspire love in the heart. Hosea was asked to do something that the God of Israel was ready to do himself. If you were Hosea what would you do?

Loved by another

Gomer is living in an adulterous situation. She has settled her mind and heart that she will be with someone else. Gomer has chosen to live against the law of God. Infidelity is a sin that runs deep in the heart. It is not a victimless sin. The effect of infidelity is to break the union of relationship.

Why turn away?

Hosea seemed like the perfect husband just as God is the one true God. What causes someone to leave another who is faithful? The worship of other gods, specifically the Baal, was associated with the growing seasons. Part of worship involved celebrations that were meant to reenact the actions of Baal so that they would have a future harvest.  A love developed for the excitement and pleasure that they found in another God.

Hosea: Help and Salvation

Hosea’s name describes the God who is a help and salvation for his people. God demonstrates his amazing love and sets out to restore a broken relationship. The true enemy of broken relationship is a rebellious heart.

Hosea buys Gomer

Although the actions of Hosea resemble the purchase of a slave, Hosea is more likely offering a bridal payment for a wife. Gomer no longer acted like a wife but a total stranger. But Hosea was to show that he was willing to be united once again and to start all over.

She must dwell as mine

Israel and Gomer were to be reunited with their proper husbands. However, this time the relationship would undergo a time of rebuilding and would require a humility and a time of becoming faithful again. There would be a level of loss and a stripping away of things. The emphasis would be to learn again a new identity of belonging to the one who truly loves them.

They shall return and seek

God promises a greater future restoration. Not only would they simply have a relationship but they would have a proper heart attitude of love and fear. The heart would be changed from one that runs away to one that seeks the true husband.