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November 2016


The True Redeemer – Ruth 4:1-12

Ruth 4:1-12

A Man of Right Action

Boaz wastes no time in doing what he had promised. He is a man of his word. Those who follow God should be people of their word. James 5:12 Biblical manhood is not built upon manliness but godliness. Psalm 1

An Unable Redeemer

The first redeemer is unknown and unable to the complete act of redeeming. His inability is on many levels and he shows that he is unwilling to make a sacrifice for another. The cost is too much for him. He is a recognized as a possible hope but has proven that he is a failing hope.

Boaz Redeems more than Land

Boaz understands the full picture of the situation. The land has value but so does the life and future of Ruth. He is both able and willing to take ownership of the land, Ruth and the future heir. Boaz fulfills the will and desire of God.

Boaz: A Picture of Christ Our Redeemer

The act of redeeming has more to do with purchase than a savings discount. The act of redeeming would free the land to its intended purpose, an inheritance. The purchase of Ruth as a bride includes the act of giving her a new life direction and a future. The Gospel message is that we can be freed/saved/redeemed by the work of Jesus Christ upon the Cross. The biblical picture of sin shows our need to be redeemed, to be brought into a restored relationship. Galatians 4:4-7 Ruth acted in obedient faith but Boaz did the redeeming.

A Marriage before God

The marriage of Boaz and Ruth may seem foreign to American minds, but it is not so foreign throughout history and parts of the world. While romance is not wrong, it is never a solid foundation. Romance, Friendship, and Commitment form the fuller picture of love in a marriage.


Hope for our marriages is in showing the kind of love demonstrated by God.

What is our hope? Is it in Christ or something else?