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October 2016


When the Judges Ruled: Ruth 1:1-14

Ruth 1:1-14

When the Judges Ruled
The book of Judges is the time between arriving in the Promised Land and the arrival of a King. This period of time shows a progressive decline away from God. At times the people would rally together and follow a Judge, a leader spiritually and in battle. The period of the Judges was largely a time of up-and-down relationships with God. It describes in general a heart that is led by one’s personal desires rather than the Spirit of God. Judges 2:16-19, Acts 7:51

A famine in the land
When God created the universe, it was good, it was generous in sustaining the living creatures, but because of sin the earth would also be stained by sin. Drought and famine were never part of God’s creation design. However unpleasant the famine is there is a truth that exists, and this is it, God is able to sustain us in famine. John 16:30-33

The journey of Elimelech
The name of Elimilech means “my God is King”. This name describes the truth that God is King of every situation and that there will come a King named Jesus who will save all who believe. The journey to Moab is not clearly described as being disobedient but it creates a challenge that is only overcome through obedient faith that we will see in Ruth.

The journey of Naomi
The journey of Naomi, “pleasantness”, has stopped dramatically after 10 years. What was meant as an escape for survival has been a difficult journey. To be a widow in a foreign land was very difficult. The example of Naomi reminds us that a turning to the Lord is our best and only hope.

The time of the judges describes a very familiar setting that we can find ourselves and we see our nation and culture in.
Our best and only hope does not grow from this earth, it comes from God. There is still a choice in famine and loss to turn and rely on God.
Clinging like Ruth is a picture of faith.