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October 2016


Under the Wings of the Lord: Ruth 2:1-13

Ruth 2:1-13

Ruth followed the Law of God

The law of God was designed to guard and guide the community. Ruth was aware of God’s law and acted in obedient faith. Deuteronomy 24:17-22

Boaz the Worthy Man
The words used to describe Boaz can refer to character, ability and financial wealth and Boaz fits all those descriptions. We see that Boaz lived a life with God as the center. The character of Boaz is one of the greatest things he possessed. Proverbs 22:1, Matthew 5:13-15

“The Lord be with you!”
Boaz saw what he owned and who he employed as worthy of having God’s influence and signature. His employees respected him and they recognized their responsibility toward God to pronounce blessing upon their employer. Work relationships are always a challenge. Good employees and good bosses are sometimes a rare combination. Christian employees and employers should reflect Jesus Christ. We also learn from Boaz that he allowed God to be in “his business”. Colossians 3:17

Whose Woman is This?
Ruth could be also be considered “worthy”. She is recognized not simply for being a foreigner but for her hard working attitude and her “good name”. Her good reputation would follow her. The prayer of Naomi (Ruth 1:8) was answered, she found favor. Her obedient faith would be recognized by God. Boaz acted generously toward Ruth as his obedient faith.

Under the Wings of the Lord
Boaz shows kindness to a foreigner. This kindness is not simply his but it comes directly from God. The laws of God were intended to show His great attitude toward His creation. God’s attitude is moved toward concern and protection. God’s greatest act of compassion is seen in Jesus Christ. Boaz shows us the kind of grace that God shows to us as foreigners. Romans 5:6-11

Knowing and doing the law of God are two sides of the same idea – obedient faith.
I want the Lord up in “my business”.
Living under the wings of the Lord.