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Worry: Submitting our Minds to God (Audio Only)

Matthew 6:25-34
How Disciples view wealth and pursuing God
The act of accumulating storages reveals what the heart is truly serving. Money is not evil but we can set it up as a god to be treasured in our hearts. Self-preservation worries are not to consume our lives so that we learn to depend on a self- sufficiency rather than a God dependency. Disciples have storages of life that value a different kingdom.
Worry vs. Concern
The opposite of worry does not mean we do not show concern toward things. Neither is it pretending that negative things are some sort of illusion or misunderstanding. Paul showed “concern” about the needs of others, the effect false teaching had on believers and about the progress of others in their maturity. To show concern is to recognize that we and others are in need of God’s grace, his power and His help in the many areas of life.
Worrying and its effect
The topic of worry is not limited to simply the basic needs of life. We often may worry about future events that are related to our personal future and others. But worry has a more damaging effect.
– Worry reinforces our sense of self control but really takes control of us.
– Worry and anxiety drain us more than providing any real comfort.
– Worry is an emotion of choice that impedes our relationship with God. It is in direct opposition to trust.
Four Actions to Conquer Your Worrying
Pray – more than just asking for things – Philippians 4:4-7
God’s Word – growing in what God has said and is saying – God’s tangible voice
Obedience – applying what God is saying
Worship – the resonating reality of the God centered life
Isaiah 26:3