Westlake Community Baptist Church is committed to the historic orthodoxy of the Christian faith. This faith includes the full and final authority of the Bible, the doctrine of the Trinity, the deity of Jesus Christ and his substitutionary and sacrificial death on the cross to forgive sins, and the gospel of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone.

This faith affirms the dignity of all human life and the need of every person to experience forgiveness of sin through a new birth into the family of God. It also affirms the call of discipleship to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and strive to live a holy life in accordance with biblical moral teachings.


God's Word is Truth
The Bible is the Word of God and His truth. The Gospel of Jesus is revealed in it and is our guide for faith and life.

Jesus Christ is Lord
Jesus is God. Following Christ includes faith in Him and making Jesus the Lord in all areas of life.

We are a Community in Christ
Believers are called to live in community marked by a love for God and others, a forgiveness based on Christ's grace and a living of the essential truth based in the Word of God.

Our Lives are Missional
Christ's followers will carry on the ministry of calling others to follow Him and share the truth of God in word and good deeds.

Worship is a Way of Life
We declare the greatness of God in righteous living, in the gathering of believers for fellowship, communion, and giving, and through music, art and creative expression.